Give a twist to your floral arrangement

Adding something new and exciting to your bouquet of flowers, doesn’t that sound like fun? New shapes, new colors.

We love playing with the possibilities.

Take a chance

For all florists, flower exporters, flower wholesalers, cash and carries, and anyone working with flowers, try our unique addition to your flower arrangement.

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Multitude of colors and shapes:


We make our Sticculents with a Floral Fix (made of biodegradable plastic) and a bamboo stick. Grown in Zimbabwe, powered by the sun alone, our Sticculents are unique, different, and of great quality.
They will last for weeks!

About us

We are Wander Tuinier and Pieter Koen

We are Wander Tuinier and Pieter Koen. Together, we have 40 years of experience in the horticultural market. Our backgrounds, upbringing, studies, and travels revolve around developing the best and newest products for your market.